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Professional learning modules

The National Safe Schools Framework outlines the important role of educators, parents, carers and the wider community in working together to create and maintain safe and supportive learning and teaching communities that build respectful relationships. The Framework is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the individual national, state and territory initiatives, policies and legislative frameworks currently in place to support students’ safety and wellbeing.

You will be able to:

Educators have a pivotal role to play in developing whole-school policies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every member of the school community – and for building positive and effective communication with parents and caregivers. You will be challenged to explore and reflect upon your own role in addressing student wellbeing and will find practical suggestions for prioritising wellbeing in your school.

Select the Framework module below that best fits your role in the school.

Teachers and School Leaders

Leadership is central to the creation of a safe, supportive school community. Discover how the Framework can support you.

Specialist Professionals

Your important role supports whole-school initiatives to support students to feel connected, safe and valued in the school community.

Pre-service Teachers

Discover how the Framework builds your understanding of the importance of whole-school wellbeing as you embark on your professional practice.