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Professional learning module

This professional learning module will develop your understanding of online safety and highlight how schools and teachers can assist students to maximise their safety when using the internet, social media and other forms of digital technology. It will equip you with current information and provide links to quality resources and best-practice approaches for teaching students the skills and behaviours of good digital citizenship.

This free self-paced professional learning module comprises three sessions:

  • eSafety and health
  • Digital citizenship
  • Managing online activities

You can make and edit notes in your Journal and save them to your Dashboard. You can also email or print notes.

This module provides opportunities for you to reflect upon and enhance your professional practice in order to improve outcomes for students. Educators have a pivotal role to play in developing whole-school policies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every member of the school community – and for building positive and effective communication with parents and caregivers.

Each session in this module is accompanied by a podcast where you will hear experts in the field of online safety discuss key points related to each session.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate aligned to the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework and the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers.


Listen to the podcasts for Online Safety.