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What does it mean for parents?

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework acknowledges the importance of families collaborating as partners with the school to support their children’s learning, safety and wellbeing. Effective and culturally respectful partnerships with families and community organisations build a shared understanding of how to support students to build their resilience and enhance their social and emotional skills. The Framework offers practical strategies for supporting you to support your children during their important schooling years and beyond.

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About the framework

This video animation captures the essential components of the new Australian Student Wellbeing Framework.

the framework


Australian schools are learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that students can to reach their potential.

The five interconnected elements of leadership, inclusion, student voice, partnerships and support provide the foundation for the whole-school community to promote student wellbeing, safety and learning outcomes.

Leadership Visible leadership to inspire positive school communities

InclusionInclusive and connected school culture

Student voiceAuthentic student participation

PartnershipsEffective family and community partnerships

SupportWellbeing and support for positive behaviour

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About the framework

Whole school wellbeing

Wellbeing comprises many aspects of a young person’s life including their emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual health and happiness. When children and young people feel a sense of belonging and experience safe and trusting relationships they are more engaged and successful learners. Schools play a key role in creating positive learning environments where everyone is respected and diversity is valued.

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports Australian schools to be safe, inclusive and connected learning communities that promote positive relationships and wellbeing as foundation for students to reach their full potential.

What does it mean for parents?