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Exciting news! There’s a new framework to support whole-school wellbeing and safety coming soon. Check back in or sign up to the Student Wellbeing Hub newsletter to keep up to date.

Young people thrive at school when they are healthy, happy and have a strong sense of belonging. As a parent you play an active role in promoting the wellbeing of your child. Being involved in activities at your child’s school is one way of building a shared understanding of the important values and practices of the whole school community. In addition, research from the Family-School and Community Partnerships Bureau, 2012 found:

“The key to facilitating positive change in a child’s academic attainment is the engagement of parents in learning outcomes in the home”

The National Safe Schools Framework was developed by the Australian Government to support schools in building safe and respectful school communities that promote student wellbeing.

The Framework

  • helps you understand how your child’s school is working to ensure that every student is safe and supported
  • suggests what you can do to support your child and your child’s school.

You will find information, resources and advice about important topics that impact on your child’s sense of wellbeing.

All students have the right to learn in a safe, supportive environment and to be treated with respect. You can read about the Framework in detail and explore the guiding principles and nine elements.