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Your role is vital in helping to make your child’s school experience a safe and happy one. You can make a positive difference by communicating with your child and connecting with teachers and other members of the school community. Encouraging your child to develop respectful relationships will help them become happy, confident and resilient learners. When your child is coping well with school life their social and emotional development will have a positive influence on their sense of belonging and will improve their learning outcomes. 

Schools are constantly evolving learning environments, responding to changes in a rapidly technological world. Schools understand the importance of teaching students to be confident and creative learners and active and informed members of society.

A good starting point for parents wanting to understand important elements in their child’s learning is the Australian Curriculum overview for parents. This fact sheet explains how the Australian Curriculum is organised into Learning areas, General Capabilities and Cross-Curriculum Priorities for Primary and Secondary. You can find out how your state or territory is teaching the curriculum and how it supports personalised learning so that the needs of all students are met, including those with a disability, gifted and talented students and students for whom English is an additional language.

You can also find tips and ideas to nurture your child’s potential on the Australian Government’s Learning Potential site or download the free app.