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Years 7-9

Wellbeing topics

It’s great when you feel happy, confident and supported at school. All schools work to be places where you can feel safe and develop positive and respectful relationships with other students and your teachers.

Understanding your emotions and feelings can help you make positive choices at school and learning how to keep fit and healthy will help you bounce back when things get hard.

Using the internet can be great fun. You can find useful information and connect to other people your age. However, things can go wrong, so it's very important to have the skills to protect yourself online.

Spending time with friends is fun and an important part of school life so building your confidence and resilience will ensure you make good decisions, especially if you find yourself in situations where you feel pressured.

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Build your skills to stay physically and mentally strong and well.

Protecting Against Bullying

Find out how you can help take a stand against bullying.

Respecting Diversity

Let’s learn from people who are different from ourselves.

Building Positive Relationships

Help build a respectful and inclusive school community.

Safe and Responsible Choices

Build your confidence and resilience for making good decisions.

Being Safe Online

Find out how to be a good citizen in the online world.