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Every member of the school community has the right to be treated respectfully.

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework stresses the importance of establishing and maintaining a welcoming school culture that builds positive, caring and respectful student-peer relationships, student-teacher relationships, and teacher-teacher relationships.

A school environment that allows students to explore and challenge stereotypes and societal behaviours will help them to understand the essential elements for developing and maintaining positive and respectful relationships with their friends, family and teachers.

A culture of respect for all members of the school community has a significant effect on student engagement in learning, positive learning outcomes and students' wellbeing and resilience. Students who develop positive and respectful relationships also develop feelings of security, confidence and empowerment. It takes whole-school commitment and support to ensure that educators lead the way for establishing positive relationships with students and their parents.

Find out about

  • Tips for developing whole-school approaches with respect at the core
  • Ways to engage students in understanding the concept of respectful relationships
  • The importance of respectful online behaviour
  • Strategies for building strong parent-school relationships
  • Valuing indigenous culture and ways of respecting others
  • Research into links between respectful relationships and improved wellbeing

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