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Key information and classroom resources

Professional Learning modules and a school wellbeing check tool will help you build and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment, essential to student wellbeing.


Information and advice

This is your starting point for advice about important topics and for resources to help make your child's school experience a positive one.


Information and activities

This is your space, where you can find information about important topics and ways you can contribute to a safe and supportive school.

Student Wellbeing Hub

Feeling safe and supported is the right of everyone in the school community. The resources available on the Student Wellbeing Hub help to create learning communities that promote student wellbeing and the development of respectful relationships. The Hub is underpinned by the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, which highlights the importance of educators, parents and students working together. We can make a difference, starting now.

Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

The framework


Australian schools are learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that students can to reach their potential.

The five interconnected elements of leadership, inclusion, student voice, partnerships and support provide the foundation for enhanced student wellbeing and learning outcomes.

Leadership Visible leadership to inspire positive school communities

InclusionInclusive and connected school culture

Student voiceAuthentic student participation

PartnershipsEffective family and community partnerships

SupportWellbeing and support for positive behaviour

Topics and resources