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Wellbeing topics

It's great to feel safe and happy at school. School is where you can make friends and get to know your teachers.

Sometimes things happen that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe so it’s important to know how to make the right choices to keep yourself safe.

Using the internet can be great fun too. You can meet kids your own age and find out lots of information for school. However, things can go wrong, so it's very important that you learn how to be safe online.

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Learn how to understand your feelings and to keep fit and healthy at school.

Protecting Against Bullying

Find out what you can do if there is bullying at your school.

Respecting Diversity

We can learn lots of things about people who are different from us.

Building Positive Relationships

Learn how to be a good friend and show respect for others.

Safe and Responsible Choices

Sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice but you can find out how.

Being Safe Online

It’s fun being on the internet but we need to make sure we are safe.