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Wellbeing topics

Feeling confident and happy and knowing how to protect yourself are very important in a safe and supportive school. Working online safely, as well as making good choices when dealing with risky behaviours, are important skills to learn. You can get the most out of school when you are feeling fit and healthy so learn to understand your feelings and know how to make healthy lifestyle choices. All schools work to make school a place where you can:

  • feel safe
  • make strong friendships
  • build your mental and physical health
  • get on well with your teachers and the whole school community.

Using the internet can be great. You can find useful information and can connect to other people your age. However, things can sometimes go wrong, so you need to learn how to be safe online.

In the same way, spending time with friends is really enjoyable, and learning the skills and strategies to help you make safe, healthy choices will help you at school and beyond.

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Learn how to understand your feelings and to keep fit and healthy at school.

Protecting Against Bullying

Find out what you can do to make sure there’s no bullying at your school.

Respecting Diversity

We are all unique and we can learn lots when we embrace our differences.

Building Positive Relationships

Respecting ourselves and others is the key to feeling happy and valued.

Safe and Responsible Choices

Making the right choice can be hard but you can learn some helpful steps.

Being Safe Online

We can have great fun on the internet but we need to make sure we are safe.