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Being Safe Online

New technologies, and ways to use them, offer exciting learning opportunities for students. Knowing how to use technology effectively to enhance learning is a central component of digital literacy programs in schools.

Schools have the responsibility to teach students how to keep safe in the virtual world and to get the most from their experiences online. These include:

  • cyberbullying and unwanted online contact
  • using mobile phones safely
  • using social media safely
  • the Law related to internet use and abuse.

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework provides effective practices for collaborating with students to develop strategies to promote safety and counter bullying and abuse in all online and physical spaces.

Find out about

  • Being cybersmart/staying smart online
  • Protecting digital reputations
  • Tips for parents to talk about the online world with their children
  • The law and the internet
  • Screen time research and guidelines

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