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Like most people, you might sometimes question how you feel about yourself and your life.

Wellbeing is the combination of a person’s physical and mental health. A strong and healthy mind is the result of robust and resilient social and emotional skills. A strong and healthy body is likewise a product of a positive attitude to exercise and nutrition. Minds and bodies are intertwined!

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework acknowledges the importance of empowering students to be active participants in their own learning and wellbeing. Schools play a vital role in teaching social and emotional skills for building resilient, active and mentally healthy young people.

How aware you are of your emotions and how accepting you are of your self will influence your confidence and ability to relate to others.

There are many interrelated factors that influence wellbeing. When students have a close network of friends they feel a sense of belonging and confidence which, in turn, builds their self-esteem. Understanding their feelings and emotions, being flexible and open to change and knowing when and who to ask for help are key components of overall student wellbeing. Add to this a healthy attitude to exercise and nutrition and a positive self-image and students will have a great foundation on which to build throughout life.

School is a place where students can learn the skills for developing a strong and positive mind and body. Wellbeing is characterised by confident, responsible and resilient students.

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  • Exercising for fun and fitness
  • Understanding emotions
  • Dealing with stress

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